Martha Ketterer

Martha Ketterer Photography


Photography is a visual language, the art of storytelling. Images convey emotions and illustrate questions – stories in turn, are a thin film of images interspersed between the page and the eye of the reader. The ideas that inspire my stories always precede the physical act of picking up the camera. I visualize a concept before building, shaping and honing my inspiration into a tangible narrative.

I’m currently drawn to topics in the media or social issues that are both controversial and poignant in our time. These involve interaction and struggle between us as humans, recognizing that we are the same yet different. I like to interpret, abstract and present these commentaries in photographic narratives. Hopefully, allowing us to recognize and discuss a sensitive, emotionally charged subject in a way that furthers the conversation and opens our viewpoint.

The creative process – my muse – is a landscape that requires constant cultivation. It’s the idea that shows up at nine in the morning and keeps me up well past midnight. It’s the doorway of creativity accessed via curiosity; it lets me tell you the story in my mind.